CAS16 Team



We provide a wide programme of ad-hoc online courses that will help our students develop a better understanding of trade processes and the underlying disciplines. Our goal is to help our students to perform better in their existing roles and to prepare for the next.

John O'Neill

John is our lead Career Acceleration tutor.

A former Operational Director in the Financial and Capital Markets, John is actively engaged as an Operational Risk Consultant. Over the last twenty years John has helped Banks and Asset Managers through Sixty Countries facilitating Operational Risk Workshops for Management Teams, Designing Global Operations Training Programmes and generally striving to influence cultural change to uphold ethical conduct.

Over his consultancy career John has developed his operational skills in all the Asset Classes employed by the Derivatives Markets. His rational when getting to grips with all Derivatives products has been to understand the underlying markets and the pricing points underpinning each derivative contract besides knowing the economic attributes and processing points of each derivative contract.

Allen Cope

Allen Cope has, over the past twenty years, been providing specialist training consultancy in OTC Derivatives and Securities and their Operational processes:

  • Designing and delivering training courses for clients on both the buy and sell sides of the market through all the Derivatives Asset Classes and securities
  • Designing global market operations training programmes for Hybrid and complex derivatives Facilitating Studio’s
  • Providing small group mentoring and coaching in Derivatives Products

Allen has had over 12 years’ experience in Operations Management with Bankers Trust, Security Pacific Hoare Govett, Citi and CSFB.

Paul Meadows

Paul has fifteen years investment experience through various Front Office roles on the Buy-side of the Markets in the UK - Trader, Global Equities Research Head & Portfolio Manager. He has knowledge of working in both Institutional & High Net Worth Private Client environments with the likes of Royal Insurance & Lloyds Private Bank

He has been designing & delivering both public & in-house Financial Markets training programmes worldwide since 2000, initially with the in-house tailored training arm of Euromoney, and DC Gardner. Clients range from Investment Banks (Citi, Deutsche Bank), Private Banks (Hoare & Co), Fund Managers (Blackrock, Axa IM), Sovereign Wealth Funds (Kuwait Investment Authority), Regulators (from London, Mongolia, Angola & Tanzania), Exchanges (London, Nigeria), Hedge Funds (Brevan Howard, Man Group).

Paul holds the ASIP qualification and is a member of CFA Institute.

Denis Lyons

Barrister at Law (Grays Inn)

Denis, specialist in training overseas lawyers, judges and legal personnel, is a member of the Bar of England and Wales with extensive international experience as a legal training consultant in all aspects of legal education and training.

A legal professional with wide experience in both the public and private sectors as a trainer and University law lecturer.
An innovator with a proven record in devising and delivering “bespoke” training programmes for legal personnel in International private practice, corporate counsel and those in the financial and banking sectors.
Wide experience also as a legal advisor in the fields of immigration, wills & probate, contract, trusts and employment law.

Denis offers our clients 1:1 and small-group class room courses (maximum 4) in London throughout the year to provide training in English law, language and the skills necessary for International legal practice today. He can devise and tailor courses for overseas lawyers working in a variety of practice areas for International firms, banks and companies.

Cormac Butler

Cormac has considerable regulatory expertise, having worked as a consultant with Lombard Risk Systems London, KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers. He is the author of two popular and authoritative books on Mastering Value at Risk (Financial Times Pitman) and Accounting for Financial Instruments. (Wiley)

Cormac is a trader. He also has international experience as a corporate trainer in insurance, derivative accounting, Corporate Finance and Derivative Mathematics, working with major banks including BNP Paribas and has advised insurance companies on the implementation of Solvency 2, Embedded Value and Basel 3. Cormac has trained over 100 banking regulators in Ireland, the UK and Africa. He specialises in the accounting frameworks particularly insurance (IFRS 4) and financial instrument accounting (IFRS 9). Following the Irish banking crisis Cormac has provided specialist evidence to the Irish government on resolving the issues that led to the banking crisis.

Michael Pollard

Mike is an accredited Project Consultant working predominately in the investment banking sector with over 30 years’ experience. He benefits organisations by adding value to the achievement of company objectives and motivation of staff to promote their advancement.


  • Pro-active IT Management
  • Business continuity planning
  • IT Software/Hardware procurement
  • Project management (Trading & Risk Management systems)
  • 3rd party supplier contract negotiation

Paul Dessoy

Paul has enjoyed over 32 years in financial service architecting and managing-to-delivery systems ranging in size from small office systems to multi-million dollar enterprise level multi-national systems; one of which won a Banking Technology award for innovation and several others of which have been nominated for similar awards.

Paul delivers a tactical IT knowledge of modern tools now available to staff working in financial services. This enables our clients to create personalised and tactical information routines without the need to engage external resources. More importantly, his courses provide key differentiators on our clients’ CV’s which makes them stand out from the crowd and increases their value (and salary!).

Alan Penhallow

Alan is our Services Director. He is responsible for all operational matters related to staging and delivering training events and solutions for clients. He also organises and manages our administration, support systems and activities that enable the effective running of all our services.


  • chairs our working parties including academic boards, governing bodies and task groups;
  • helps us with subject matter leader recruitment,
  • communicates with our partner institutions, external agencies, government departments and prospective students;
  • administers the 'student lifecycle' from registration, course participation, and tutor services;
  • provides administrative support to our academic team of course authors and tutors;
  • controls our internal regulations; and
  • controls our cash!


Rob Allen

Rob leads our service delivery team. He oversees the delivery of services or service technology to our partners and clients; and establishes and executes policies designed to ensure consistently high service performance, monitors employees and evaluates customer feedback to ensure continuous improvement of our processes.


  • maintains high levels of quality assurance, including course evaluation and course approval procedures;
  • maintains our information systems and publishes activity reports for quality management purposes;
  • works with authors to deliver new courses to ensure we are the leading provider of career acceleration services;