CAS16 Team



We provide a wide programme of ad-hoc online courses that will help our students develop a better understanding of trade processes and the underlying disciplines. Our goal is to help our students to perform better in their existing roles and to prepare for the next.

Alan Penhallow

Alan is our Services Director. He is responsible for all operational matters related to staging and delivering training events and solutions for clients. He also organises and manages our administration, support systems and activities that enable the effective running of all our services.


  • chairs our working parties including academic boards, governing bodies and task groups;
  • helps us with subject matter leader recruitment,
  • communicates with our partner institutions, external agencies, government departments and prospective students;
  • administers the 'student lifecycle' from registration, course participation, and tutor services;
  • provides administrative support to our academic team of course authors and tutors;
  • controls our internal regulations; and
  • controls our cash!


Rob Allen

Rob leads our service delivery team. He oversees the delivery of services or service technology to our partners and clients; and establishes and executes policies designed to ensure consistently high service performance, monitors employees and evaluates customer feedback to ensure continuous improvement of our processes.


  • maintains high levels of quality assurance, including course evaluation and course approval procedures;
  • maintains our information systems and publishes activity reports for quality management purposes;
  • works with authors to deliver new courses to ensure we are the leading provider of career acceleration services;