Learning Centre

learningcentreThe Career Acceleration Service team is very experienced in helping students through the learning process. Each course contains exercises to ensure that topics are being learnt and can be applied.

Communication technology provides us with more learning opportunities than ever before. Our portfolio of learning includes classroom, online or mobile learning, and in-house training. Each method has its own benefits and we are pleased to be able to deliver learning on demand at the location of our students’ choice as well as a very rich classroom experience.
Our online learning provides a very flexible experience for our students who can choose from a portfolio of courses and complete them in their own time. Most courses have 3 to 5 modules and this makes it easy to break up the learning into manageable segments. Each module has a multi-choice test which can be taken as many times as you need. There is a course online exam and on successful completion of this a certificate of achievement is delivered.
Most of our classroom courses last for one day and have five students or less. Our subject matter experts make sure that there is plenty of participation and are on hand to give immediate help with the practical exercises and support with correcting mistakes and getting it right.
Our on-site courses have the advantages of the public courses, but they also provide an improved opportunity to tailor the course for the firm’s needs. They normally contribute to team building.
In addition to our Learning Centre we offer subscription service where our students have a one-on-one relationship with a tutor for a year. The tutor is selected on the basis of relevant expertise for each student.

On line learning

Our online courses are designed to develop your knowledge and to provide you with enhance skills to enable you to progress your career. Our students benefit from being able to study at a time and place suitable for them whilst also having access to subject matter experts to help with understanding.


Classroom Learning

We run frequent scheduled classroom courses in London. Our team of subject matter experts are also experienced trainers. They ensure that the learning experience is interesting and enjoyable. Students benefit from dedicated time out of the office to focus on their needs and benefit from networking with other learners during the frequent classroom exercises.


In-house Learning

Our in-house training service provides a more personal, tailored approach to meeting your training needs. A member of our team delivers the training you require for your team at your chosen location. If you have more than 4 people for training, this often works not only to be a perfect fit but the best value.