About Us

We are a team of active subject matter experts and we offer a world-class service to our clients seeking to accelerate their careers in financial and associated markets





We serve all financial market participants. We work for:



  • Individuals developing their careers working towards promotion and new opportunities.
  • Firms by training teams in new areas thus contributing to corporate agility
  • Recruiters by developing a talent pool
  • Everyone in financial services markets who is motivated to widen their knowledge, develop their career, improve their connections, and seek inspiration.



We offer classroom and online courses and tutors covering a wide variety of topics specifically designed to enhance the value of our clients in the market place. It’s why we are called the Career Acceleration Service. We are there to get you to the next level.



We identify the training needs of our clients and help them grow their competencies and enrich their CV’s in order to improve their employment credentials and job candidacy.


Clients can also apply for membership of the Career Advisory Service. We allocate to each client a personal trainer for twelve months:
Our trainers have all spent many years working in demanding roles in financial services. All of them are involved in the markets so their knowledge is current and they have a role in determining the future.

All our trainers are elected members of the Business Risk Round Table which they joined because they have the desire to share their knowledge to promote improved standards in our industry. 


Our goal is to help you to:
  • Improve your professional competencies and standards
  • Align your current efforts with best practise standards
  • Transform your professional career
We identify the training needs of our clients and help them grow their competencies and enrich their CV’s in order to improve their employment credentials and job candidacy.


CAS demands the highest professional ethical standards in our partners and trainers. We expect these standards to permeate to our clients.
Our values:
home-1The health of the world economy is linked to trade.
We are dedicated to providing a clear understanding of how different financial trades and transactions work and how to measure the risk and reward.
Typically our tutors, as well as providing education, are active in the markets and most are also providing strategic consultancy.
We have a range of courses to help our clients get a profound understanding of front office activities. At one end of the range is a general explanation of how financial markets really work, while at the other, there are very specific technical courses. (eg. exotic options and how best to trade them). These courses are complemented by our career acceleration packages which give you access to traders for one-on-one discussions about best practice in the topics of your choice.  


home-2All economic activity carries risk. 
We are dedicated to delivering knowledge about understanding risk, categorising it, placing a value on it and mitigating it.
Our tutors assist our clients to understand the risks to their organisation, its employees, customers, assets and interests of stakeholders.
  • Market Risk 
  • Credit Risk 
  • Operational Risk
  • Political Risk
  • Technology Risk
  • Security Risk
  • Reputation Risk
  • Accounting Risk
Our team are involved day-to-day helping financial institutions, insurance firms and other industry sectors to develop and support their people, processes and systems in all areas associated with Risk and Resilience, always striving to deliver smart, practical, effective and flexible solutions to meet business requirements.
We offer risk management masterclasses as well as basic operational risk training for those working in banks.


home-3All trades and transactions have to be managed through their life cycle.
We are dedicated to providing a wide knowledge of mid- and back-office tasks and help eliminate those departmental ‘silos.’
Members of our team are engaged by firms to help with their operations process optimisation and their specialist accounting needs.
Our courses cover what we consider to be very important areas that are only partially covered by in-house courses. We offer accounting risk reporting masterclasses and operational risk masterclasses led by some of the top practitioners in practice today.

Our legal team is led by an active barrister and we offer masterclasses for lawyers from overseas working in the London markets. Our English law classes designed coach executives to enable them to apply successfully for very senior roles in firms, are highly regarded.



home-4Aspects of the world economy change by the minute.
We are dedicated to improving the understanding of the markets to give our students confidence to lead the changes at all firms need on a daily basis.
Improving and adapting a department within a firm requires strong analytical and leadership skills. We have a range of courses to develop the art of leadership and the science of analysis.
Members of the career advisory service also have access on a one on one basis with practitioners who are currently leading change in our industry.